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“We recently launched the complete makeover of laconiamcweek.com and the response and positive feedback we have gotten from motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the country, and from our corporate partners has been overwhelming! Riders appreciate the easy navigation of the site and it’s seamless compatibility over all electronic devices and our sponsors love the professional, modern design. It was critical for us to have a website that showcases our legacy of being the world’s oldest motorcycle rally while at the same time capitalizing on modern technology with ease of accessibility and SEO integration. Working with Danconia was a true collaborative effort. Danconia’s developers and writers really listened to what we were looking for and had the insight and creative prowess to bring our ideas to a grander vision. The new website offers our Association several new platforms to raise revenue as well as many more communicative tools to reach our customer base easier. Access to evaluative resources also allows us to determine the reach and success of our numerous marketing initiatives.”

Jennifer Andersen www.laconiamcweek.com

And this from one of their top sponsors, unsolicited and just sent in

Laconia Motorcycle Week’s new website looks great! Their giant beautiful pictures fit perfectly in their creative and responsive layouts. We can’t stop surfing the site and finding more pics and stories we’d never even seen or heard before!

Hot Leathers

"And by the way we are getting super strong web traffic to our website. Love the results."

Myles Tarbel, Keystone Properties

"My quest for a well suited team to give my website a complete overhaul was not as seamless as I had anticipated. After all, it is one thing to promise the world and quite another to actually deliver it. I was in dire need of a new website befitting of my professional status and area of expertise. The template website I created had failed to generate new leads and did nothing to showcase what I had to offer prospective clients. I am by no means artistically inclined and came to the realization that I needed to enlist the help of someone who specialized in building professional brands.

I was afforded an introduction to the marketing powerhouse known as Danconia Media by a good friend of mine. William Sweeney and his topnotch team of professionals were exactly who I was looking for. After thorough exploration of my vision, technical requirements and content requirements, the team collaborated and devised an edgy, professional website that not only effectively engages prospective clients but also services current clients with ease. Additionally, the functionality on the administrative side alleviates my workload and allows me to devote my energy elsewhere.

At last I have found a media company that strives to be vital partner in what I do. While you might think this is a fundamental quality companies strive for, that is not the case. Bill and his staff not only exceeded my expectations, they were accommodating, incredibly friendly, efficient, and above all, exceptional at what they do. Hiring Danconia Media has made a world of difference for my business. If you are looking to take your company to the next level, then your search should end here".

Dr. Jan Martensen, Owner and Radiologist, CDI, Inc.

"We need to get this site launched! It is just too damn good to not have it out into the world."

Brett Cusick, nhduckdrop.com

"I've been fortunate to have Danconia Media as a digital marketing partner for various companies and other online projects for over 10 years. Their design capacity, customer procurement strategy and willingness to work as a team makes them shine above the rest in this industry. Year over year, our lead analysis proves that our partnership with Danconia is one of the best tools we have for our businesses."

Brett Cusick, Northcape Design Build

"I was fortunate to find Danconia while searching for a company to update my website. The owner Bill phoned me directly after my initial inquiry .We spoke for more the 30 minutes while he learned about the details of my Chiropractic Practice.It became obvious that my site was obsolete according to today's technology as it didn't even work well on the mobile devices. As a small business owner I was concerned about the costs moving forward, however Bill understood the specific needs of my small Chiropractic Practice and offered me an affordable option that fulfilled all my needs.The design staff was great and the job was done in a timely manner. They are very efficient internet based design company that I would highly recommend."

Dr. Cianciolo

"As a young entrepreneur I have endured difficult lessons in my two years of operation. Without question, the most consequential mistake I made was hiring the wrong programmer. My na?veté and eagerness to launch my company led me to the ill-fated decision of entrusting the wrong person with the critical task of building and maintaining my online presence. I had the misfortune of discovering that when you own an online business, and know nothing about the backend of a website, you are literally at the mercy of your programmer. This individual has the power to propel your company to new heights or lead you down a certain path of ruination. My vision was brilliant, my product was groundbreaking and my market cornered. However, on a good day my website was unstable but regularly a complete mess. My customers expressed their acclaim for my product but their disdain for my website. Despite my best efforts I could not compensate for the weak link in my team. Ultimately, I had no control over my business and I was about to lose it all. My dream was at the behest of someone grossly incompetent and indifferent to my success. And then it happened. The seemingly worse thing I could imagine - or so I thought. My programmer up and quit on me without any notice. Rudderless and on the verge of a complete meltdown, I received a recommendation for an LMS (learning management system – I have an educational company) that would be well suited for my business. After some research I came across a small local company who specialized in building LMS systems. Was I really that lucky? Was Goldilock’s “baby bear” less than 30 minutes away and just so happened to specialize in building exactly what I needed? Time was of the essence and I needed to make a decision. Fortunately, I made the right one. Like the quintessential knight in shining armor, this company came to my rescue.

Danconia Media saved my business. Period. Paragraph.

I can say with utmost certainty that William Sweeney, the owner of Danconia Media, will never lead you astray. You can expect an honest, accurate assessment of your business and how he and his team can transform it. Should this company take you on as a client, you are not only getting a media company, you are getting a partner. And that’s what it is all about. These guys genuinely want to see you succeed. This is what they live for.

The dream team that is Danconia Media is comprised of a rock star cast. William Sweeney, simply put, is the guy you want in your corner. If anyone can move mountains this guy can. And for you, he probably will. Integrity, reliability, steadfast devotion and an unwillingness to deliver anything but the best are just some of the many qualities this man possesses. As for his programmers, you could not ask for a better lineup. Their troubleshooting skills are unparalleled, their work ethic is to be admired and their skillset is rock solid. And as for their graphic artist, well he just so happens to be the King of Cool.

Danconia Media has helped restore my faith in humanity. Truly. When I originally started my business I was so devastated by the treatment I had received from companies with whom I did business. The lack of professionalism and integrity astounded me. I really was na?ve. I think the most rewarding aspect of working with Danconia Media is something that I never expected but am eternally grateful for. I learned it was okay to trust again. There are still honorable people with whom you can entrust your dreams.

If your prior experience with programmers is anywhere near as traumatizing as I mine was, then I imagine you’re a little scarred and apprehensive to take that first step. Rightfully so. I get it. Do yourself a favor and make the best possible decision you have ever made for your company. Build your dreams with Danconia Media. I am."

Keely Sullivan, Teach Me Radiology, Owner/President

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